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[at-l] Re-registering

If folks are trying to subscribe, and finding that they already are, but
aren't getting posts:

- This means that they were subscribed but their mailbox filled up and
started rejecting posts for a significant period of time.

To fix:

- Log in to the last link in this email, and turn off NOMAIL for your
account.   That's it.


Ryan Crawford wrote:
> I know of someone else that has tried to get back on but has been unable to
> as well.
> Ryan "MEANT 2B" Crawford
> Sunapee, NH
> Jack wrote:
>  If anyone can send me a foolproof way of getting in touch with list
> adminis=
>  tration, I'd appreciate it.  Have been trying to get re-registered on the
> L=
>  ist several times now; have received notice that my membership/pasword is
> a=
>  ctive, but have yet to receive a single post or digest.  Sent several
> E-Mai=
>  ls to List admin., but nothing's happened yet, so I'm pretty sure I must
> ha=
>  ve sent these posts to the wrong address.  Anyone who can help here, it'd
> b=
>  e much appreciated as I'd very much like to get back in touch with the
> List=
>  .  Thanx-----J.T.
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