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[at-l] The Gathering

A few people have had some words to say about the Gathering =96 but our
experience was a little different, so I=92ll add a little bit here.  We lef=
MD on Thursday night and by the time we got to Blacksburg, VA we were in
trouble =96 so we stopped there, got a room and took the truck to a local s=
the next morning.  Diagnosis =96 bad transmission bearings.  So we left it
there for the weekend, rented a car (another minivan) and finally got to th=
Appalachian South Folklife Center.  We had the Gathering information
packets, so it was kind of important that we get there.  We were only an
hour late =96 which wasn=92t bad considering the circumstances.  Some of yo=
will be happy to know that cell-phones don=92t work at the ASFC  <VBG>

I won=92t talk about all the problems during the weekend =96 or even about =
the great slide shows and workshops.  Or the campfire.  I will say thank yo=
to those who helped to make it all happen.  ALDHA is a volunteer
organization.  Without some (many) of our members pitching in and doing wha=
needs to be done, there wouldn=92t be a Gathering.  So =96 my personal than=
ks to
those who were willing to spend time at the registration desk or help set u=
the facilities or present their slideshows and workshops or =96 just genera=
take care of the thousand and three other little details that make a
Gathering enjoyable for all of us.

To those who had a good time, I=92ll say =96 y=92all come back next year =
=96 these
things just get better and better. For me, the best part of the weekend was
meeting and talking to the hikers, both past and present. One wonderful
surprise for us was that Mountain Roamer made it and stayed until Sunday.
That alone made it a good weekend for us - everything else was just icing o=
the cake.

If you didn=92t have a good time =96 or if you have specific complaints =96=
back to me privately.  If there were problems, we=92ll try to fix them next
year =96 or the next time we=92re at Concord College.

In general, at-l should take pride in the fact that many of the ALDHA board
members are at-l members as well =96 Amy (watuwando) is our new Membership
Secretary, JohnO, Skeeter, Mags  and myself are board members.  Solar Bear
(a sometimes at-l member) is the Treasurer.

Next year the Gathering will be at Hanover, NH and JohnO will be the Progra=
Coordinator.  I hope some of you will help him out =96 he=92ll need it.

To answer one of the recent questions on the list, I think there IS a
suitable =93rolling hill=94 at Hanover.  I=92ll ask JohnO to check it out w=
hen he
gets up there for a site check.   <VBG>

OK - back to the salt mine -- y'all have a good day.

Walk softly,

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