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[at-l] Talk about luck

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Yesterday I took care of a hospice patient, who passed away, she (my
patient), waited until her daughter arrived before passing.  Her daughter
provides a shuttle service for hikers.

Below is a copy of an e-mail I recieved from a guy I used to work with.

Hooger wrote:
Ted, So sorry that I missed you last Friday at BRMC. Sure do wish that I'd
have seen you. I looked at your "Trail File" (kind of like X-File, isn't
it?!) re: getting gear, etc. etc. I'll be sure to follow your trek via the
URL that Bob Bageant gave me. My wife and I have been Trail Angels in Bland
County, Va., putting out water, giving hikers cold drinks, etc. when we run
into them. They sure do appreciate a cold one after days and days and days
and days and days (Oh, sorry about that) of hot weather, dry weather, dust,
cobwebs, (sorry, I did it again), etc. on the trail. I want you to be SURE
to contact me when you're coming thru Brushy Mountain, Bland Co., Va. My
number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. email at <xxxxxxxxx>. Keep in touch. I hope
that you and ALL of your family are doing exceptionally well.
Congratulations on the RN degree.
Best wishes, George "Hooger"
Bluefield, VA

Check out a radio-active site at:<http://www.erarc.com>, The East River
Amateur Radio Club. We'll be glad that you did!

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