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[at-l] GA/NC hike...

i'm flying to atlanta sunday evening - then hiking north, with a partner, f=
rom springer for eleven days starting monday.  my schedule ... well, i have=
 no schedule - will end somewhere between hiawassee and nantahala river...

i'll send trip reports from my pocktmail email thingy when i find phones.  =
i have UPS'd my backpack and gear to a friend in atlanta.  this way i don't=
 have to put it through the abuse of baggage handlers, or go through the al=
l-to-possible contents search.  plus, my knife and esbit fuel tabs probably=
 would not have been allowed on the plane.  the cost to UPS everything, wit=
h sufficient insurance coverage, was under twenty bucks - good deal...

my pack and gear fit nicely into two boxes.  the aluminum stays were remove=
d from the pack, allowing for it to be folded up.  the folded pack, stays, =
and gear (which includes everything i'll need on the trail, except my food =
and a few items i now realize that i forgot to pack) are all packed loose, =
and will be reassembled in atlanta...

i am sending five maildrops.  three are definites, two are precautionary - =
it all depends on our pace.  the drops are for atlanta (sent to friend), su=
ches (little store), neels (walisi-yi), helen (post office), hiawassee (pos=
t office).  lodgings?  if we wish to go off trail - two-wheels-only (suches=
, tent-shower-laundry), walisi-yi (neels, hostel-shower-laundry), helen (mo=
tel-laundry), hiawassee (motel-laundry)...

i'll be missing one steeler game, and one or two survivors<g>.  hiking is h=


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