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[at-l] Housatonic Hike

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Re the Housatonic hike, go to Trailplace.com and click on the photo gallery=
, CT section.  There are a number of photos Linda (Lighthearted) and I (Afo=
ot) took during our hike through that area.  Falls Village - Cornwall is go=
od as long as the cars aren't running at Lime Rock Track (very noisy the da=
y we went).  Cornwall - St John's Ledges is pretty much a walk along the ri=
ver with very little ups and downs.  St John's Ledges - Kent is great, espe=
cially if you do the scrabble up to the top of the Ledges (north to south).=
  Great views from there and Caleb Peak. Foliage should be peak right aroun=
d now.