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[at-l] OT Wing Foot Ryan

I think that must have been misunderstood Ryan, the windmill thread someone
brought up was silenced with a "take it to TA" shout not too long ago. Other
threads have received the same treatment.  I assumed that all that sort of
thing was contrary to the list rules now but am happy to hear you say


> > brought up by others I do feel free to comment on the
> situation. My thoughts
> > amount to this: we once were free to express anything that was
> related to
> > the trail and hiking, now we are not. That to my opinion sapped
> some of the
> > vitality from the list, but I know others like you disagree.
> >
> > Bryan
> >
> I've only asked that folks don't attack each other or post off-topic
> drivel.  That's it.
> R