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[at-l] What's bigger than a WalMart GreasePot?

Speaking of pot capacity.... the SmallBoys (well, see, that's
the thing of it... they're not longer so *small*) and I are
going to be needing a new pot -- they're eating more than the
GreasePot can hold, and it'll be time to go back to the medium
sized English "BullDog Billie" pot that did the AT with me
20some years before I discovered the GreasePot [thank you BPL].
It's a fine pot, has lots of miles on it, but...

Is there anything that jumps out at people for cooking with
larger capacities that's analagous to the GreasePot? Cheap, VERY
light gauge, "bigger"?

Guess it's time to start weighing...

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