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[at-l] more thru-hiker advice...

> I've been looking for a better way to scrub my Evernew nonstick titanium.
> Using a scrubby that didn't gather gunk would be a lot better than using my
> towel from the start...The green scrubbies that I know of would scratch the
> heck out of the surface, however.  I'll have to find something different.

I have been using a small piece of nylon mesh from a bag of onions for the
last couple of years, and it works quite well. It will scrub off the nasty
gunk, won't scratch the non-stick surface, and it dries with a shake. (I
believe that I got this idea from a certain web site about the AT.) I no
longer carry a scrubbie, a sponge, or anything like that. I do use a cotton
bandana as an all-purpose kitchen utensil -- pot holder, placemat, and
kitchen towel.