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Re[2]: [at-l] History along the AT route

The  best  overall  book  devoted to the Appalachian Trail in my opinion is "The
Appalachian  Trail  REader,  edited  by  David  Emblidge and published by Oxford
University Press in 1996.

It contains essays on the early explorers from Desoto to Kephart, an exploration
of  the geology that formed the mountains and traces the birth of the concept of
preserving wilderness.

Most  importantly it provides the best insights I have seen anywhere of the role
of  the  various  Appalachian Trail pioneers from MacKaye to Myron Avery. One of
the  essays  by  Guy  and  Laura  Waterman  is a superb portrait of MacKaye, his
strengths and weaknesses.

Part  two  is  a  state  by  state  collection of essays dealing with the trail,
covering  everything  from history, natural history to the joys and hardships of
thru hiking.

Authors  range  from  Henry  Thoreau to notes left in the Katahdin register, and
thru hiker diaries. It's a thoroughly delightful book that, better than anything
else I've read, captures the spirit of the trail.