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[at-l] Gatherin'

Thanks for the comment.

Someone just asked the same thing on BPL and here's my response:

I believe when he said the 95 mail drops - he was speaking specifically of
the AT at the time he made that comment. I also asked my wife is that the
number she heard, as well, and she agreed. It seemed like an incredible
number. He said he averaged a mail pick-up every three days so there would
be some of shorter distances/days. Also, his hike of the AT was halted due
to snow and then he did another trail and then came back at the end of the
year to finish the AT. So there may be a timing issue here.

The total mileage traveled for his triple crown was under 8,000 miles. So
the total number of mail drops on average would be around 260. So it is
quite possible that 95 was the true AT mail drop number.

Now I also overheard him talking about mail drops on another trail and he
stated a number of 76 mail drops. There was a lot of interest around him
on a wide variety of topics and at times he seemed overwhelmed by all the
questions. I'm not sure if either number was a blend of what exactly
happened. I do believe that he stopped for mail very frequently. By the
end of the weekend he was trying hard to be accessible to everyone but also
remain sane. He did a great job and I'm very glad I was able to
participate in his discussions.

I know he scans this list and he also will answer some questions e-mailed
to him (given a reasonable time lag due to his busy schedule). You may
want to direct them to him. Check out his web site and see if the trail
journals give you some more light on the
subject: http://www.royrobinson.homestead.com/

If I get some free time I think I'll look over the trail journals myself
for a sense of timing for the mail drops.


At 08:01 AM 10/22/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Great page on the gathering.
>I am going back to revisit it later, but did a quick scan.
>I think I noticed one litte typo, FYI.  I read on your page that Flyin'
>Bryan did 95 mail drops on the AT.  That can't be right can it?  Perhaps
>when I go back I'll find that I read it wrong ;- )
>Thanks again for that page!
>Rick B
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