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[at-l] Gathering Events ?

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Well said Red!

This is how I was feeling about it too. It *is* truly amazing.

I can only hope that Patrick was learning and feeling this way too. It would
be a good gift for me to give him.  :)

I'm sorry that I missed meeting you.


DaRedhead@aol.com writes:

> I guess it can basically be summed up - it is only possible because this is a
> huge group of people, some we know, some we met, some we will meet somewhere
> else down the Trail - so it was a weekend spent with family, by definition
> of
> the word.  People who care, people who make you cry by the awesome
> generosity
> of their hearts, people who share a love for something that transcends any
> other differences.  Being with hikers means being with people you can be
> yourself with, and never suffer for it.
> Red