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[at-l] RE: AT/CT Housatonic

The Kent to St. John's Ledges section is relatively short (4 miles)
and has one uphill of less than 500', a long ridge walk, another
smaller uphill and then a little down to the ledges.  From the ledges
down to the river is a very steep and rocky 700'.   There are no
shelters or designated camping on this section.

>From the bottom of St John's Ledges to Cornwall Bridge is a flat
river walk except for a small peak at the end which can even be
bypassed by continuing along the river to Cornwall Bridge.  This
section is about 5-6 miles.  There is a shelter and two campsites
along this section

The third section you mention is considerably longer at 14 miles,
and IMHO the most scenic.   It is more isolated from nearby roads
(except for Lime Rock race track which is probably dormant for the
season) and there is one shelter and three campsites.  It can be
easily shortened by 3 miles where the trail crosses CT Route 7
near CT Route 112.  The last 3 miles are flat and alongside the

The temperatures are supposed to be ten degrees cooler than
normal this week, down into the thirties.  The leaves are more than
50% turned colors now in Southern CT so I guess the next two
weeks should be peak foliage colors in that area.  Should be a nice
hike if you have a warm enough bag.