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[at-l] Gathering (handout link)

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In a message dated 10/21/2002 5:32:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
KarenS62@aol.com writes:

> Hey y'all,
> <Snip>
> We ran out of handouts at my workshop but it is online at :
> http://members.aol.com/karens62/maildrops.html
> Please let me know if you have any questions.

You did a great job! Thanks!
And BTW, I found chicken in a pouch today!

> Although moments of both the opening ceremony and Walkin' Jim's show on
> Saturday left me with tears streaming down my cheeks, I have never laughed
> so
> hard and so frequently in my whole life as throughout these four days.  My
> cheek muscles still hurt. Do you have any idea how difficult it is NOT to
> smile?


As always, creating new friendships and renewing the old was the highpoint of>
> the weekend. The ride home was sour sweet. Sweet because Waterfall and I
> had
> the pleasure of being serenaded with Walkin' Jim songs by Weather Carrot
> all
> the way to Erwin. Sad because we were leaving all of you.  I'm off to the
> shower and a long nap before bedtime.

I met lots of new people (Many 03 hikers). Met some cool new people...
Hey Waterfall!!  XXOO!!  :-).   Got to talk to lots of people that I  had met
but only talked to in passing. Drank lots, learned lots, smiled lots.
Great time (Thanks Jim!)!

Russ (Gimp... Soon to be a bigger gimp)

> BTW, Walkin' Jim will be in Asheville on 11/22. If anyone's interesting in
> coming, let me know and we can meet for dinner or something.