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[at-l] History along the AT route

A great work about the Smoky Mountain area was written by Horace Kephart --
who played an important part in creating the southern end of teh AT and in
establishing the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Check out _Our Southern Highlanders_, Horace Kephart; University of
Tennessee Press -- ISBN 0-87049-209-9.


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Does anyone have any books they'd recommend reading
about the history of the people or the natural history
along the AT route? I don't mean the history of the
trail itself, I know where to get that type of
information. I'm talking about the history prior to the
trail's existence (i.e. Native American, Civil War,
geographical, etc.) I think it would be interesting to
learn about the background of the areas that I am
walking through as I'm walking through them.