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[at-l] Gathering (handout link)

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Hey y'all,

After spending a whole weekend with Waterfall, some of that Louisiana accent
has started to rub off. What a restorative Gathering it was. Even though it
drizzled a little bit and poured last night (yes Weather Carrot, it DID rain
last night) the temps were cool but nice.  The only thing wrong with the
weather was that we didn't wake up to snow this morning.

Every workshop and slide presentation I went to was well attended; a number
of them were standing room only. If anyone has a chance to see Spur and
Ready's PCT show, make an effort to be there - it was fantastic. One of the
advantages Concord College has over Dartmouth is that everything is
concentrated in 2 or 3 buildings. For someone who is still limping, this was
a HUGE plus.

We ran out of handouts at my workshop but it is online at :


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Although moments of both the opening ceremony and Walkin' Jim's show on
Saturday left me with tears streaming down my cheeks, I have never laughed so
hard and so frequently in my whole life as throughout these four days.  My
cheek muscles still hurt. Do you have any idea how difficult it is NOT to

As always, creating new friendships and renewing the old was the highpoint of
the weekend. The ride home was sour sweet. Sweet because Waterfall and I had
the pleasure of being serenaded with Walkin' Jim songs by Weather Carrot all
the way to Erwin. Sad because we were leaving all of you.  I'm off to the
shower and a long nap before bedtime.


BTW, Walkin' Jim will be in Asheville on 11/22. If anyone's interesting in
coming, let me know and we can meet for dinner or something.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. - Albus Dumbledore