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[at-l] Gathering Events ?

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Geezus !  See, I knew I would miss something!

<<I hope this means that I don't miss out on the "2nd" annual hill roll! ( <
~~did'ja catch that?)>>
NO we didn't catch that. Please explain! (we're beggin).

<<If anyone has the words to the Pabst Blue Ribbon song...I know a couple of
people who would be intersted in having them.>>

Is this song anything like: "When it's time to relax.....one beer stands

<<I know the co-ed shower wasn't intended to happen Saturday
night....but....this might be an interesting addition.>>

You all didn't. Tell me you didn't do that. I certainly hope there are
pictures and a report on this.

<<amy  <~ your new Membership Secretary!
(ohmigawd!!!! what have I done?!!!)
(is it too late to back out?)>>