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[at-l] more thru-hiker advice...

I love cotton.  I took a cotton Tshirt, which I would
sleep in every night, and wear as town clothes.

I started out with 2 cotton shirts.  This didn't work
when it got extremely hot. Once the temperature got to
be 100, bought one of those expensive wicking shirts.
Then I would wear the wicking shirt every day, and the
cotton shirt every night.

In Colorado I could get away with cotton shirts,
because when one gets sweaty, you just swap shirts,
and the one you took off would dry very quickly (low
I tried this on the trail, and I ended up with a soggy
wet shirt for days.

I also keep a bandana tied hobo style around my
cook-kit.  It holds the cook-kit together.  I use it
to clean the pot, dry the pot, pot holder, and
prefilter water.


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