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[at-l] OT Wing Foot Ryan

> IMHO, folk confuse the concepts of "free thought" and "freedom of
> expression" with a desire for a free ride and/or their need for a captive
> audience.


> When I visit Ryan's site/lists it is equivalent to visit his home, or place
> of business.  While there I should conduct myself with decorum acceptable to
> him.  That is no restriction on my freedom, as I am always free to go
> outside and say whatever I like.  In the concrete world I am free to picket
> on the public sidewalk, not in his living room or in office lobby -- in this
> medium I am free to set up a site on the public Internet.
> Chainsaw

	I think folks should keep Chainsaw's post and refer to it on occasion,
especially when complaints that an individual's free speech is being


It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will
determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate
discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor
must preside at our assemblies.
	William O. Douglas