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[at-l] OT Wing Foot Ryan

> Let me say that Ron M.'s memory is correct. The problem was that those dedicated
> to what Bryan calls the " bland and tasteless" couldn't bring themselves to just
> ignore  those  who said things they didn't want to hear. They had to launch into
> personal attacks.

> Weary

	Bob, I would submit that the repeated comments denigrating my
conservation views and actions (and more importantly in regards to the
AT, those of list members who actively support the Trail with their
continued time, money and sweat) qualify as personal attacks. Further
these slanders occurred prior to the ever deepening speculations
regarding individual mental health.

	This has been brought up before, but perhaps you missed that in all of
the previous posts on the subject. I would agree that the best solution
in many cases is simply to ignore such viciousness, but having been on
the receiving end I must acknowledge that it can be very difficult to do


It is our attitude toward free thought and free expression that will
determine our fate. There must be no limit on the range of temperate
discussion, no limits on thought. No subject must be taboo. No censor
must preside at our assemblies.
	William O. Douglas