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[at-l] AT CT/Housatonic

The first section is more or less a mountain (as far as there are mountains
in this part of Connecticut) and it would likely have the best foliage, but
more strenuous hiking.

The other two are largely river walks, which are uniquely beautiful along
the entire AT.  These are more special IMHO than the first, but perhaps less
"wild" (probably less cold also).  The foliage will be a little later there
but probably still pretty.


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I'm planning on heading out to the AT in the Housatonic area to practice
some fall overnight backpacking and hopefully not freeze my butt off.  There
are 3 short sections I am considering.  Kent to St. John's Ledges, St.
John's Ledges to Cornwall Bridge, or Cornwall Bridge to Falls Village.  What
is the most scenic?  Also wondering where peak foliage is right now?