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Re[2]: [at-l] OT Wing Foot Ryan

"...  The immediate impetus was when the discussion degenerated into speculation
about  the  mental  health  of  one of list members," remembers Ron M. about the
furor  that  lead  to  the  ATC donations and incidentally to the trail advocacy

While  Orange  Bug  chimes  in  with an explanation of how to "enter the strange
world of TA."

Let me say that Ron M.'s memory is correct. The problem was that those dedicated
to what Bryan calls the " bland and tasteless" couldn't bring themselves to just
ignore  those  who said things they didn't want to hear. They had to launch into
personal attacks.

The  intolerance of some mainstream list members is most recently illustrated by
OB's  gratuitous  crack  about the "strange world" of Trail advocacy, a forum he
has yet to participate in.

TA is in fact a strange world for those dedicated to the bland and tasteless. We
talk  about the impact of wind turbines on trails, the history of the trail, the
importance of a wild trail, provide documentation about the evolution of MacKaye
and ATC thinking about the trail....

TA  is  indeed  a "strange world" for those uninterested in the ideas behind the
Appalachian Trail, and the history and future of the Appalachian Trail.