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[at-l] Gatherin'

> As Patrick and I were pulling out of Concord college, he said:
> "I had SO much fun!"

Alec couldn't help but absorb something even if she slept most of Saturday and it's starting to
appear in her telephone conversations once she got home ... she's telling her friends she wants to
take a semester off her junior year in high school to thru ?! She's trying to explain this concept
to teenager girls and boys who have absolutely NO idea of what the word "backpacking" means:

"Well, you have to carry everything you need. Like, if you want to have a bed, you have to carry
it with you." (An image of carrying a normal matress over Albert, nobo)

"You have to walk like every day for months." (Image of mall hiking for months)

"If I left in May I wouldn't be home until November." (She wants to do it sobo; missing that much
school is what impresses her most) ...

"This whole family did it and they took their kids and home schooled them. Like one kid was 11

> I hope this means that I don't miss out on the "2nd" annual hill roll!

Does Dartmouth HAVE a ROLLING HILL?

David Addleton
vocate atque non vocate deus aderit

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