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[at-l] Dumb question

I think he wanted Trailplace (Wingfoot's list) not TA (Ryan's Trail Advocacy

Go to Trailplace: http://www.trailplace.com/

Click on "Subscribe" (upper right of page) and you will see the following.
Just do what it says:

"A.T. Mailing List

ATML ( atml@trailplace.com ) is our majordomo mailing list for folks who
want to talk about Appalachian Trail issues (i.e., issues concerning
protection, management, or use of the A.T.). You can apply for list
membership by clicking on the "Continue" link below. You will be asked to
read and agree to a few simple list rules ... nothing unusual, just some
things designed to ensure a list with clean language that stays on topic and
features harmony among its members. If you agree, you will be provided with
a membership application form for subscribing to the list online. There is
no charge for using our mailing list service.

Those seeking primarily information for planning hikes (dayhikes, section
hikes, or thru-hikes) should visit the Q & A Forums section instead of
joining this mailing list. You are welcome to join the list anyway, but just
remember that we don't discuss planning details or answer planning-type
questions on this list.


What is a mailing list? ... A mailing list is simply a discussion group
using e-mail. If you know how to use e-mail, you already know enough to
participate in our A.T. mailing list. Anyone who subscribes to the list can
send e-mail to and receive e-mail from the group, and any message e-mailed
to the list by any member goes to everyone else on the list automatically. A
lot of good information can be swapped and some lively discussions can and
do take place."

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> The easiest way is to go to the bottom of a message, just like this
> one, and look for the link that reads:
> http://mailman.backcountry.net/mailman/listinfo/at-l
> Now, click on it, and then go up to the Address part of your browser
> and exchange "at-l" with "ta". TADA! You are about to enter the strange
> world of TA.
> Bill...
> <It wasn't such a dumb question, after all>
> --- DTimm65344@aol.com wrote:
> > Here's a dumb question.  Not that I'm actually interested (or likely
> > to be accepted to participate) but how does one join the Trailplace
> > list?
> >