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[at-l] more thru-hiker advice...

here is more advice for thru-hikers...

"cotton kills"

cotton feels great.  everyone wears cotton.  why not when hiking?  if it ne=
ver rains, and if you never sweat, then cotton would be wonderful.  but, in=
 the real hiking world, you will be wet.  wet cotton has a desire to make b=
oth sides of the fabric the same temperature.  so, wet cotton will pull hea=
t from your bady in an effort to heat the air.  this is a futile effort.  c=
onsequently, wet cotton will cause your body temperature to fall...

why is this bad?  well, hypothermia!  your body cools, you shake uncontrola=
bly, your mental processes deteriorate, then you die!  this is why it is sa=
id that "cotton kills".  so, take no cotton clothing on your thru-hike...

cotton bandanas?  cotton bandanas are wonderful.  use them for a head band,=
 or damnbana, or to wipe your brow, or clean your glasses, or wet it down t=
o soak your head, or wipe your cooking pot, or wipe the condensation from y=
our tent, or wash your face, or use as a shower towel, or cinch over a woun=
d, or put rocks in it to throw your bearbag rope, or snap the butt of your =
hiking partner, or muzzle felix, or...


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