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[at-l] Anti ATC/at-l editorial by Wingfoot

There was one part of WF's commentary that some of us may agree with.

Over the years, there seems to have been very little mention of any of the
AT lists and communities built around them in the ATN.  A line or two at
most.  As I recall, Ryan specifically asked the person coordinating the
fund-raising campaign (or perhaps simply said it would be nice to the list
in general) to see if the magazine might do a favorable mention on the AT-L=

Not sure why the prior oversight at ATN.  Perhaps I have just missed those
articles, but I don't really think so.  These lists (and AT-L in particular=
represent a tremendous resource, and deserve more visability via the
magazine, IMO.  One only need read some of the "partner wanted" or "lost an=
found" ads to know that there a whole lot of people missing out on what the
web can offer hikers.

As for WF's comments?  I'm not sure they are up anymore.  When I read them =
few days ago, they seemed to be directed mostly at the ATC.  While I think
the ATN editors intentions are good, I can understand how it might be
frustrating to see the magazine do a bit piece on the fund raiser (as they
should have), when those same editors maintained a deafening silence
regarding Trailplace's efforts to get thousands of signatures to help
protect Saddleback and other spots.

Not saying WF's reaction was correct, just that the feelings behind them ar=
understandable from that perspective.  As for the more generic WF comments
about those who knock him on AT-L, I don't know.  One thing, that commentar=
(is it gone?) reminded me of is how WF did not use his bully pulpit to knoc=
this list, or individuals on it, when Trailplace was going great guns.  The
ratio of comments about him over here must be 250 to one vs. comments made
about AT-L or any of its people on any of WF's projects.  His latest stand
out because they are unique.  I know, I know, the difference is that
comments made here are the truth. ;-)

Some of what WF promoted would surely ruffle feathers.  No matter how it is
said.  I could start a list of ways he pissed people off on substance as
well as style.  With a bit of encouragement, I would be happy to do so.
Hiker feeds, commercial use of the Trail, pre-planned trail magic,
observation of negative trends in thru-hiking.  The list goes on.  But why
worry about WF?  Why is he such a central part of people's conciousness ove=

Rick Boudrie

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