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[at-l] Apologizing again...

> I understand Ryan's reasoning in doing what he did.  But
> what followed went a good ways beyond that, into an all-out
> charity drive, with Shane egging everyone on, posting totals
> almost daily, etc.

This is something that I have been made to feel sorry for, and that I have
apologized for at length.  It's in the archive if anyone cares.

Now I am sorry again, if only because it gives those, who need something to
tear down something or someone, that which they need.

> Again, from dictionary.com, the definition of "spurious"
> 1. Lacking authenticity or validity in essence or origin; not
> genuine; false. Of illegitimate birth.

That's pretty heavy.  Somebody needs to play in the rain.

> The fund raiser was real, as was the $2K it raised.
> It was spurious (IMHO) in that it is not the proper
> function or role for a forum.  Here's the definition
> of forum:
> 1b. A public meeting place for open discussion.

Yes, exactly.  If we are all assembled for common cause, why shouldn't we
raise money to support that cause?

BAH!  Blame me and move on.  Jesus Christ, you'd think something terrible
had happened or that someone was prevented from saying something
earth-shatteringly important.   We raised a little money for the ATC, and
I'm sorry that some people see that as a bad thing.


(Who thought of offering to send $100.00 to the ATC if nobody replies to
this, admittedly off topic, rant...)