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[at-l] Anti ATC/at-l editorial by Wingfoot

And... It was the list members who volunteered to chip in.  Ryan wasn't
"bribing" us.  He was trying to get our attention in the midst of verbal
battles and challenging us to focus on what AT-L was intended to be.  Many
of us not only accepted the challenge but chose to raise the ante.  It's
interesting that by describing what happened using the word "bribe" he put
a negative spin on a positive act.  Ryan wanted to return the list to a
'campfire' level of conversation.  He succeeded.  Many AT-Lers saw it as an
opportunity to do a good thing for the trail.  They succeeded.  How can
that be a bad thing?


At 11:01 PM 10/18/2002 -0400, Teresa French wrote:
>Fortunately we can all decide for ourselves if the cause is worthy of a
>donation.  Not all of us donated just because the list remained 'civil' for
>the required amount of time.  I'm glad the donation was suggested.  I became
>a member and was able to toss in a little extra.
>It's not always the reason suggested; sometimes it's simply the suggestion
>that leads to action.
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>From: "Raphael Bustin" <rafe@oasissemi.com>
> > OTOH, I do see his point about bribery for good behavior,
> > and I said so on this list, way back when.
> >
> > I'm always amused by the various & creative fund-raising
> > schemes employed by charitable organizations in the USA.
> >
> >
> > rafe b.
> > aka terrapin