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[at-l] WINGFOOT...

You know, a really interesting thread could continue along the lines of
Felix's satire. Why is Ryan such an evil jerk? Ah let me count the

Nah, not even in jest. It isn't in anyone's interests to distract focus
from our sport and our community by dipping into the well of bile that
seems to overflow from "other lists." Stay with the lesson taught you.
If their words are bitter, its because they drink deeply from something
other than the refreshing springs of the AT.

<At least WF revealed that there are other lists and an ATC!>

--- hike-usa@pocketmail.com wrote:
> many of you know that i do not have a love affair with wingfoot.  in
> the past, i have had occassion to loose my temper a bit when his name
> came up.  R&R, though, has taught me that the best way to treat
> unreasonable people is to ignore them...

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