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[at-l] WINGFOOT...

many of you know that i do not have a love affair with wingfoot.  in the pa=
st, i have had occassion to loose my temper a bit when his name came up.  R=
&R, though, has taught me that the best way to treat unreasonable people is=
 to ignore them...

the list also learned a big lesson over the past year or so, about ignoring=
 unreasonable people.  the ATC gained some cash during the process.  wingfo=
ot, bryson, cell phones, etc, were not discussed, or were only mentioned in=
 passing, and R&R found many of his trolls unanswered...

well, it seems that wingfoot is not happy to be put on the back burner of o=
ur discussions.  after a year in which the AT-L barely whispered his name, =
he writes an editorial slamming our good name.  seems he wants back into ou=
r thoughts...

welcome back wingfoot...


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