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[at-l] Duct tape

If you mean instructions to irritate and remove warts, yep, the article
was pretty explicit. The idea was to do something cheap and easy
without the pain and expense of liquid nitrogen on a wart. I believe an
over the counter antiwart solution was painted on the wart after
abrading it with an emory board or pumice. Duct tape used to cover it
for about a week, then the process was repeated. Each time involved
abrading, painting and taping. It took several weeks. There was a
theory that abrasion and duct tape alone would be as good, or that any
sort of tape would work. Obvioiusly, this was not simply due to an
allergic reaction to the duct tape stickum. The benefit probably comes
from removing the opportunity to pick at the wart or prolonging contact
of weak acid. Personally, I prefer the "root doctor" down the hill to
treat my warts.

Many times, stupid crooks have discovered that duct tape can kill
people by use of excessive duct tape to secure a gag in the mouth or to
cover eyes. If nostrils are compromised, the anxious paniced victim
often suffocates. It works much quicker than removing warts, but loses
style points.


--- Teresa French <Farina6@comcast.net> wrote:
> Are there instructions on the 'net somewhere??
> :-)
> Teresa (Not REALLY looking to irritate and kill anyone in particular)

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