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[at-l] 82,366 white blazes! :O)

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Blaze finshed back on September 6th, his journal is up on  <A HREF=3D"http:=
//trailjournals.com/">Trail Journals,
Backpacking and Hiking Journals</A> I hope he does a MEGA next year :O)

<A HREF=3D"http://www.appalachiantrail.org/trailnews/index.html";>ATC: Appal=
achian Trail News</A>
North's Full of Blazes
A 2002 thru-hiker, Gary Monk, counted the <A HREF=3D"http://www.appalachian=
trail.org/hike/hike_info/markings.html">white blazes</A> of the Appalachian
Trail as he walked from home in Georgia to Katahdin, counting double blazes
as two. The final count from his "five million steps" was 82,366=E2=80=94wi=
th 68.7
percent of them along the 53.7 percent of the Trail north of ATC offices in
Harpers Ferry, W.Va. (We had a little internal (ATC and A.T. Park Office
staffs) how-many-do-you-think trivia contest in June when Monk passed
through. Deep South Regional Representative Morgan Sommerville came within
2.5 percent of the correct total then, the closest by far.)