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[at-l] You people

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>> Who sells the best light weight blow up dolls?

Well now. I'm thinkin' someone might have been out in the woods too long
already. Anyway, you've got to give it a name. That's what Dr. Ruth
Westheimer says. How about...Veronica? Besides...does anyone realize how
much D-size batteries weigh?

>> All you need are two old tennis balls and a
>> single sock.

You know, I was originally thinking the blow up doll idea has got to be
illegal in Georgia. Now you go adding on this idea with the sock and two
balls. Heck, forget Georgia. That's probably illegal in Tijuana!

>> Toss this contraption on the floor and
>> roll it under your feet.

Hey hey HEY! No use treating her like that. Probably cost Felix a lot of

>> Are there instructions on the 'net somewhere??

That figures. Woo doggies you people are either not getting out enough or
y'uns are really sick.

>> it was also fun to toss around at
>> the shelter / campsites for some evening
>> entertainment!

Don't they explode when you do that? I don't know where you come from but in
these parts we try to keep the dolls in one piece. Well, put a light shade
and mouse hanger on and hope for the best overnight.

>> This is exactly the reason I keeps a
>> bottle of Ipecac syrup in my desk
>> drawer.

That does it. We go from blow up dolls to a sock and two balls. Now we're
going to spread a little syrup on her. Yeah, sure, so as the air don't
escape. Right. What next...

>> I read this. And holy cow, what
>> kind of lunatic would write that?

My point exactly. Bunch of sickos.

>> Does it work on people too??

Figured that'd be next. The wife getting a spastic load of Mrs. Butterworth

>> Since this seems like a
>> light-hearted group....want to see
>> some naked men??

With just their socks on, right?

>> It's not always the reason
>> suggested; sometimes it's simply the
>> suggestion that leads to action.

That's all it takes from Melba. Just a hint of suggestion and the men are
all over her like Ipecac syrup on a fire ant.


PS: It's Friday again.