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[at-l] Anti ATC/at-l editorial by Wingfoot

Fortunately we can all decide for ourselves if the cause is worthy of a
donation.  Not all of us donated just because the list remained 'civil' for
the required amount of time.  I'm glad the donation was suggested.  I became
a member and was able to toss in a little extra.

It's not always the reason suggested; sometimes it's simply the suggestion
that leads to action.

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From: "Raphael Bustin" <rafe@oasissemi.com>

> OTOH, I do see his point about bribery for good behavior,
> and I said so on this list, way back when.
> I'm always amused by the various & creative fund-raising
> schemes employed by charitable organizations in the USA.
> rafe b.
> aka terrapin