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[at-l] One hour...plus 40 years....

At 10:23 PM 10/14/2002 -0400, Amy wrote:
>>>but I suppose it's possible
>>>that handy in the sense of that Hindu god with all the arms might
>>Man, that guy could sure drive some nails, couldn't he?  (is that
>>sacreligious if I'm not that religion?) Gishnu

Sometimes.  Ganesha is the elephant headed god who is the remover of
obstacles.  Some representations of Ganesha Show him with 4 or more arms
but the same is true of many of the other Hindu gods.  Shiva is frequently
shown with 6 or 8 arms in his role as Lord of the Dance (i.e. Lord of the
Universe) but Agni (Lord of Fire) and some goddesses are also represented
with multiple arms to illustrate their multifaceted nature.