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[at-l] Whites Incident & Cell Phone

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In a message dated 10/18/2002 1:18:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
Snodrog5@aol.com writes:

>  R&R
> left this list after his complete failure here to hold up his end of any of
> his arguments. TA members are finding out that not much has changed.

      ***   I've been good lately so I deserve one AT-L answer.

       TJ should try to notice that he isn't getting floods of positive
replies over his continuous flow of thinly veiled negative remarks aimed
towards myself or anybody else who tries to push for a higher understanding
of what the AT is. I wonder if he thinks he is fooling anybody that his
response is anything else but his usual negative spin on any and every
serious AT topic. I would expect a person who uses such obvious barbs aimed
only at inflaming ire would know that somebody whose only offerings are
criticisms of persons trying to promote higher Trail values is really
somebody who doesn't have anything of substance to contribute.

        If I remember correctly TJ was the person who offered the same line
of negativity, doubt, personal slander, and crude denials over Wingfoot's
Trail campaigns. When real proof was given that credible Trail persons had
recognized the legitimate effectiveness of those efforts this same person was
never heard from again. For this same person to then say, "he failed to hold
up any of his arguments" shows we are dealing with somebody who can't be
taken seriously.

     The reason I haven't responded to his provocations recently is because
I'm trying to respect the owner's call for List behavior. Apparently, while
accusing me of disrespecting the owner, TJ doesn't feel the same

     This is silly TJ. Grow up. Lately we have had a few threads of dialogue
going on TA that are starting to show promise. If you feel I'm presenting
wrong or off-base opinions feel free to come over and set me straight. This
latest trend just looks like post predation to me. I'm trying not to polarize
AT-L, but when outright violations of the same sense of "list tone" are
tolerated only because they are aimed at shunning serious Trail talk you
can't have anything but a double standard. I don't see how the image of a
negative sale of the AT can be avoided at this point...