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[at-l] Anti ATC/at-l editorial by Wingfoot

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In a message dated 10/18/02 1:38:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
shane@theplacewithnoname.com writes:

> This is so off base that it's funny.  I laughed so hard that I cried.  My

We all worry about you, Shane, in more ways than you can imagine. LOL!  How
did you fair with the recent tropical storms that passed your way?

Oh, and regarding the editorial mentioned, funny how the list of editorials
(all two of them) were written by the webmaster.

AND, today, I got to go to the "my" park and hike some trails today.  It was
beautiful!  First time I've actually got out to hike some since my trip to
Vermont in July.  79 degrees and virtually NO HUMIDITY.  Alas, folks, this is
the end of our "cold front."  Back to the high 80's and intolerable humidity.
 Oh well, it's a good that winter (ha!) is coming.