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[at-l] Whites Incident & Cell Phone

TJ, this is a form of trolling. We know how to get to TA, as directions
leading to it are at the bottom of each message. Those interested in
poking a stick in their eyes have been free to wander over there. We
even know where TP is, and few of us have the need to stoke those

Let it go. If you can't reason with 'em, ignore 'em. AT-L has and will
survive and thrive regardless of such detractors. If not, there would
be a reason. In any case, we can avoid the temptation of behaving like
them, or of accepting their taunts.


--- Snodrog5@aol.com wrote:
> R&R misinforms: "We usually attract off-topic comments when
> discussing
> serious type topics on this list so I invite you over to the "Trail
> Advocacy"...
>  The TA archives will provide you with a taste of R&R's bizarre, and
> evidently intentionally incorrect, take on MacKaye, his
> misinterpretation of...

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