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[at-l] Re: Re[10]: [TA] Re: What Is "AT Thinking"?

At 01:42 AM 10/18/2002 -0400, RocksNRoots wrote:

>rafe@oasissemi.com writes:
> > Unless, of course, you
> > narrow your focus to include the AT itself, to the exclusion
> > of all else.  But that's just NIMBYism, imho.
> >
>        In my opinion, any Trail member who simply sees the AT's defining
>mission as "NIMBYism" is someone who doesn't understand the Trail. This is
>simply a matter of near-viewscape industrial pylons conflicting with the
>Trail's being. The rest is simply an extraneous contrivance whose center is
>counter wilderness/AT mission reluctance...

Ah, this discussion never ends, does it?  Now I'm guilty of
"AT mission reluctance."  So be it.

Nobody but nobody cares and feels for the trail the way you
do, RnR.  You've made that very clear.  But that's not my
problem, you see.

I do know for certain that there have been many letters posted
to ATN magazine where other ATC members felt exactly as I
do on this matter.  In fact, I applaud the ATC for being forthright
about the opinions posted, since most are opposed the ATC
official position.

If the planet is "failing" (as you opined in a recent post) then
it seems to me extremely irresponsible for the ATC to spend
hard-earned donations to oppose the wind farm on its own
narrow interests of "viewshed."

If they (the ATC) persist in that, they may find themselves
losing members, donations, and good will.

rafe b.
aka terrapin

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