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[at-l] Earl Grey

I read a review of one of those wearable pc's and the reviewer had nothing
whatsoever good to say about the device. He could see the screen in bright
light, the psuedo mouse you held in one hand was non-operational, the
software did not work and so on. He called up the company and asked how many
of these things that they had sold and was told it was in the single digits.
It doesn't sound like the right cutting edge to leap onto, if nothing else
the people selling it probably be bankrupt soon if they aren't already.


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> Has anyone ever thru-hiked the trail with a computer? I have some
> professional curiousity on this matter and I plan on thru-hiking in
> March. I'm interested in lightweight wearable computers (of the under 1
> pound variety) and this would be perhaps the ultimate test of one.
> Unfortunately, all the wearable stuff is expensive, so I probably won't
> have the finances for a project like this.
> I've heard that coffee is taboo on the trail, but is it because of
> caffeine or that it drys you out? As Lofty Wiseman says, "Tea quenches
> the thirst - coffee aggravates it."
> Thanks,
> Casey
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