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[at-l] Camp Shoes

My Tridents that I got from the scuba shop weigh 20.5 oz. I'm not sure if t=
hat would be worth it even though they are great on wet surfaces. Very comf=
y though!


Orange Bug <orangebug74@yahoo.com> wrote:

>A place to look for waterproof light campshoes is at your favorite
>water sports store, such as for scuba, surfing, beachcombing and such.
>My favorite has been a pair of Reefs I picked up in Franklin, NC - much
>lighter than Teva's, cheaper, reasonable amount of arch support, and
>durable. They have finally gotten worn through the soles after about 4
>--- "t." <tfort@jam.rr.com> wrote:
>> I just got back from Wal-Mart. =A0They have there summer stuff on sale.
>> =A0Tevas knock-offs were just $2! =A0Weight? 10oz.
>> ...
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