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[at-l] Whites Incident & Cell Phone

I was in Gorham on 9/11 when this happened, and from what I heard from
other hikers who had seen him on the trail, as well as the anecdotes
passed along, he was NOT slackpacking. He was carrying a full pack,
trying to get from Madison Hut to Lakes in the Clouds on a particularly
heinous day. Many people tried to talk him out of going, due to his age,
his head injury, and the weather on the day which was not forecasted to
be particularly bad but turned into a very trying day for everyone who
was out there. Fortunately, I was zero-ing in Gorham.

It was believed that he became separated from his pack during the early
stages of hypothermia, or as a result from confusion relating from the
head trauma.

I have no proof of any of this. I am just relaying what I heard.

I never met a hiker on the trail who would substitute a cell phone for
rain gear. Indeed, most long distance hikers would consider such a call
for help on a cell phone as only the last resort, and an admission of
failure in some way for not being prepared.

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