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[at-l] Re: Good dates for hiking northern part of A.T.

I had a good date with me hiking a very small portion of this part of
the Trail this past weekend: my fiancee.

We were in two spots in Pennsylvania.  Both pretty wet, due to the
rain.  It rained Friday, drizzled Saturday, and sprinkled Sunday.
Her first time out backpacking, and she really enjoyed it.

We were at the James Fry (aka Tagg Run) shelter Saturday night
and the spring there is bone dry -- despite the rain.  But there was
some water in the Tagg Run itself down around where the blue
blaze to the shelter cuts off from the AT.  (Also finally got to the
"mid-point" of the Trail on Saturday morning, woo hoo!)


> I'm not familiar with the trail in PA, but fairly familiar
> with the trail from MA on up to Katahdin.  I generally
> don't consider hikes in the Whites until June or so.