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[at-l] Earl Grey

At 11:33 PM 10/16/2002 -0400, Casey wrote:

>Has anyone ever thru-hiked the trail with a computer? I have some
>professional curiousity on this matter and I plan on thru-hiking in
>March. I'm interested in lightweight wearable computers (of the under 1
>pound variety) and this would be perhaps the ultimate test of one.
>Unfortunately, all the wearable stuff is expensive, so I probably won't
>have the finances for a project like this.

A computer would probably offend the purists in the
same way that a cell phone would.  Heck, it might even
offend me some, and I work with computers all day and
all night.  I think of the woods as an opportunity to get
away from all that.

Besides, I think you might have issues with battery life.

But hey I did just buy a cute little Sony PDA. <g>

>I've heard that coffee is taboo on the trail, but is it because of
>caffeine or that it drys you out? As Lofty Wiseman says, "Tea quenches
>the thirst - coffee aggravates it."

I much prefer tea while on the trail.  But there are lots
of folks here who drink coffee in the woods -- coffee
discussions get lively.

rafe b.
aka terrapin

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