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[at-l] Mark's Knob, Smoky Mountains

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We remember Mark's Knob at the most difficult, with Reinhart Knob (!) a close
second.  Several suggestions:  Do not attempt it in the summer.  Too many
brambles.  Use the manway, which stays to the right (west) side of the ridge.
 Don't be fooled by Mt. Hardison.  We left the manway too soon, aiming for
the Hardison summit, then bushwhacked from there to Mark's Knob.  A friend
later reported a little easier going by staying longer with the manway.  And
get Ron Tagliapietra's book, The Southern Sixers, if you haven't already.


> . . . the one that really looks to be a doozy! is Marks Knob.  Any hints?
> We were going to try for it, but after looking at it and at the topos we
> were afraid it would take many more hours than we originally intended.