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[at-l] Camp Shoes

On the bottom of the shoe, they say
"Rebound", made in Canada.
They come in yellow, red, blue, green and black.
They are clogs.
I bought mine at an outfitter on the trail this year.
(I can't remember which outfitter)
I need two more pairs as gifts.

My pair weighs 10.25 ounces.  I started with a pair of
flip-flops that were very light, but they gave me

I did an internet search, and couldn't find anything.
I don't know the correct spelling of "Waddlie".
Ga->Ma '02

--- Jim Lynch <jplynch@crosslink.net> wrote:
> Is this how its spelled?  I couldn't find anything
> by that name on a web
> search?
> KellyGoVols@aol.com wrote:
> > > Can anybody tell me where I can mail order
> "Waddlies"
> > > ?
> > I got a similar pair at Eckerds for $2.99. I think
> they weigh about an ounce.
> >
> > Kelly
> >
> --
> James P. ('Jim') Lynch
> jplynch@crosslink.net

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