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[at-l] Pepsi Can Stove

God Bless the Pepsi can stove!!!!

 I have made about a dozen now and given them out to all my hiking pals.
They love them!! Over the years, I have moved from an old Optimus 8R to a
Whisperlite to a Trangia, to an Esbit and now the Pepsi Can (plus a few
experiments with the cat can stove, which I didn't really care for)

Over the prototypes I have been experimenting with (don't even ask my wife
where I am for hours every night) I have found the best way to make the
holes is to take the smallest Eyeglass screwdriver from the miniature
screwdriver sets that you can buy at Wal-Mart for $2.00, and using a small
trim hammer tap the holes 1/8 inch apart  I haven't experimented with
insulation yet, but I will next.
Also, while setting the inner wall and putting the tops and bottoms
together, I found if I take 2 small strips of aluminum   about 1/2" long X
1/16" wide, I can fold them over the end flaps of the inner wall and keep
the flaps tight against the wall while pressing together the top and bottom.
I then simply pull the strips out with needlenose.

Another way I found to cut the top and bottoms from the cans. is to take a
small adjustable builders square (has a bubble and right angle and slides
along a ruler) and set the ruler in my vice.  I then adjust the square to
1/8 inch above my cut line and hold my exacto flush to the end of the square
and turn the can - Presto!! a perfect cut line. I then rough cut the can
down.  I reset the square to the exact height (3/4" top or 1" Bottom) and
again turn the can and mark the line with the exacto and do the fine cut
with scissors.  Comes out perfect every single time.

I also used someone's tip and have taken 1/4 mesh screen and made small
"grills" for the bottom of the stove - Flip it over, put the grill on and
burn Esbit tabs.

I found that the Pepsi stove cans melt very quickly (I set one on top of
another while playing with a simmer ring and the top one start to melt and
burn within about 10 seconds.

The 1/4" welded wire screen pot stand I am using weighs just a hair over an
ounce and it extends 1" above the stove top.

Rick Story
002 11:18 AM
Subject: [at-l] Pepsi Can Stove

Obviously, the height of the pot is controlling the draft of the
flame and reducing oxygen flow. Is there an optimum height? Does the width
of the pot also affect performance?

In my experiments, yes, the width of the pot also affect performance.  As
does the shape of the bottom of the pot.  A good estimator of efficiency is
how much flame wraps around the bottom and up the sides, plus whether the
flame up the side hugs the side as it comes off the bottom, or fans out away
from the pot.  I seem to have better results the more rounded the junction
between the side and bottom.  Flat right angle turns from the bottom to side
are slower and use more fuel.  IMHO, you want a little, but very little,
flame to round up the side.  [Note:  Check it in the dark.]

Has anyone tried
varying the size of the holes? What effect did it have? What about hole
spacing? is there an optimum distance between the holes?

Depends on the style SCS.  My basic un-pressurized SCSs seem to work best
with more smaller holes vs. fewer larger holes.