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[at-l] Quickie Review: MoonBow GearSkin/customized

Loaded (stuffed, really; pretty haphazardly) with 28 pounds,
including bag, bivy, sil-tarp, food bag (3 days' worth), odds
and ends, and two half-gallons of water.

With minor adjustments, DANG comfy!

Some more minor adjustments: Ohmigod! I ruined it! What a
torture rack!

Some major adjustments, much fiddling: Mmmmmmm, getting (back)
there. Slow process.

Start Over: pack with some attention to major facet of frameless
packs: your load *is* your suspension.
Start Over: loosen all straps, readjust as if it mattered.

Result: Whoaaaaaaaa! Kewwwwwwl!

Retired to second string: Lowe Alpine Hyperpacker 90, 4.5
pounds, 5600ci.

New clean-up batter: MoonBow GearSkin/customized, 1.8 pounds,

Will be at Gathering (mostly on Sunday) for anyone who wants a

who'll be ordering two more, for the SmallBoys.

Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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