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[at-l] Update on FRIED TWINKIES

Got hungry and had browser search.  Found this on an English newspaper's
site -- The Guardian.
In the South, where the four basic food groups are barbecued, baked, broiled
or fried, state fairs are filled with booths that sell everything from corn
on a stick to club-like turkey legs. For dessert, an odd new treat has
emerged: fried Twinkies.
"Each Twinkie, at 160 calories and five grams of fat a pop, is impaled on a
stick and frozen until firm, then dipped in a batter similar to that used to
fry fish.
Deep frying adds more calories and fat, and the powdered-sugar coating
apparently complements the Twinkie's altered state.
``The inside creamy part stays cool, while the outside is warm,'' said
Rhonda Yates, a postal worker spending her vacation helping Dickson with the
Twinkie booth.
Suzanne Hackett, the general manager of an English restaurant in New York
City called The ChipShop, said the fried Twinkie was born in her eatery out
of boredom.
``We had a very slow night in the restaurant so we decided to buy a bunch of
junk food and deep fry it,'' Hackett said Monday. ``And the Twinkies just
tasted so good.''
Now how are we going to get the Twikies cool enough on the Trail?

William, The Turtle