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[at-l] alcohol stove

Years ago for some forgotten reason, I was doing some kind of research about
"burning" (I think).  Apparently the hottest part of the flame is not a the
point of origin, but at the tip of the flame.  And when I light incense, I
light it from the point of the match's flame.  And it does seem to light
quicker.  So maybe the higher the object is -- without getting too far from
the tip  of the flame -- the hotter the object you are trying to heat.

Anybody got a degree (college or hard-knocks) in subject that would confirm
or deny this?

William, The Turtle
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Off hand, I would suggest moving your pot further away from the stove. It
sounds to me like it is so close that it can't draft to get fresh oxygen.

At the moment I am getting three minute roiling boils from the full size
Pepsi Stove with a three inch high stand. The instructions on the PCT site
recommend one inch above the stove which is only 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches for
the stand. The further up you go, the faster it seems to boil, but the
quicker it burns up the fuel. The one inch height produces a 7 minute
roiling boil and burn out in about 10 minutes or so.

Investigate making a simmer ring. It will help a lot.

Lee I Joe

"Paul L." <Paulonweb@hotmail.com> wrote in message
> I am gald to see that you had such sucess with your alcohol stove - what
> am i doing wrong.
> I used the plans for a PCT web site for the pepsi can stove
> (substituting red bull cans) and using fiberglass inselation for wicking
> in the double wall (suggested somewhere). I was getting burn times of
> 10-12 min and fule usages of up to 2oz for 2 cups of water.
> The stove was made correctly - maybe it was the wick or the smaller
> cans. What do you think?
> I would love to use this on my Thru-hike this spring to save weight over
> my Primus ALpine Micor (3oz + fule)
> Thanks Paul L. (NY) AT 2003
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