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[at-l] hypothermia vs heat

> Not true. In fact, it is quite the other way around. In the cold,
> the onset is insidious, you really don't "feel" it setting in. By
> the time you do, it is usually too late, you already have some
> amount of frostbite.

Think about it this way:  If it's very hot, and you do nothing (as in you
sit in the shade), the heat will not kill you.  If it's very cold, and you
do nothing, you freeze to death.

The heat, all by itself will not kill you unless you are unwell or severely
dehydrated to begin with - unless you do something stupid like try to hike
in it.

(Who, for a couple of years, had the bad habit of hiking the Sonoran Desert
in June and July after giving up Alaska...)